October 2, 2011

Burning Out on Burning Man

Meredith May, writing for SFGate.com:

"as the crowd steadily has grown from 23,000 my first year to 54,000 today, Black Rock City has become increasingly like trying to navigate the frenzy of buses, bikes, cars and pedestrians in downtown San Francisco at rush hour. A whole lotta "me," and very little "us.""

A short tale of what happens when the annual Woodstock for self-obsessed art freaks turns into an annual Woodstock for self-obsessed greed-heads and hangers-on. The weird becomes ugly.

Circled RVs, along with their attendant water and sewer trucks and droning generators, renders a vivid image. Rather than muddy, naked people taking a dump in the barren desert, attendees could watch $100,000 bloated, sand-blasted recreational vehicles belching black water into a septic vacuum.

Ain't technology grand?