October 26, 2011

∴ @Hyundai Dealer Updates On My Sonata

Just heard from the service advisor at Brown's Leesburg Hyundai. My Sonata will return from the body shop Friday. I guess they managed to dampen out the creaking sound from the sunroof area with additional bracing.

The car will be road tested by the service manager. If she can replicate the cruise control problem they will work on it. If not, they're asking that I drive up to the dealership and walk the technician through the sequence of events that happen when the cruise control fails to respond to the CANCEL button.

Which will reveal probably nothing. The problem presents itself intermittently, maybe one time in thirty or forty uses. What will most likely happen is that the problem will not manifest when I'm pushing the buttons, either. Then they'll again tell me that they cannot fix what they cannot see. And I'll be right back where I started.

We'll see. Maybe they'll surprise me. Nothing has, yet, though.