October 11, 2011

iCloud a No-Go for Windows XP Machines

9To5Mac has posted a purloined copy of internal Apple employee instructional documents. The documents help employees explain iOS 5 and iCloud to customers, in the form of a bullet list overview.

When iCloud was unveiled this past June, one interesting feature was integration of the new service with Windows PCs. Users could enjoy seamless sync of their files across operating systems by installing an iCloud client on their Windows machines. Today's documents indicate, however, that only newer Windows operating systems, from Vista onward, will be supported. Windows XP-based machines will not make the cut.

Also of note, the document indicates that iCloud sync is free for iOS 5 and OS X users. If you're considering using iCloud with a Windows-only setup (not sure why you would, with the availability and usefulness of Dropbox), you may be out of luck.