October 28, 2011

Invisible Glass May Solve Screen Reflection Problems

Matthew Humphries, writing for geek.com:

"The days of dealing with a very reflective glass panel may soon be behind us, though. Nippon Electric Glass has used the FPD International 2011 conference in Japan this week to show off its new “invisible glass” panel.

What NEG has done is added an anti-reflection film to both the front and back of the glass that are only nanometers thick. By doing this luminance reflectance is only diminished by 0.1% over a more typical sheet of glass. But the real benefit comes in how much reflections are reduced."

(Via Slashdot.)

The trick to making an LCD provide color-rich, sharp images is polishing the glass surface. The trouble is that the glass reflects everything behind the viewer, particularly lights and windows.

The alternative is a matte finish LCD, which reflects much less incident light but also slightly blurs the image sharpness and dulls its colors.

A true non-relective glass will be a huge improvement.