October 20, 2011

∴ Lies That My @Hyundai Dealer Told Me

I’ve previously written about my two-month old 2012 Hyundai Sonata’s ongoing problems, and the contact I’ve had with both my dealer’s service department and Hyundai Motors USA. I heard back from HMUSA today, in a follow-up phone call to my mail of last evening.

A nice fellow by the name of Steve called my home at around noon today. I was at work and returned his call this evening. He acknowledged my mail and the complaints I had lodged. He had opened a ticket with regional Hyundai management, he said. He arranged for a field service engineer to visit my dealer’s service department and examine my car. He had then called and spoken with the service manager at Brown’s Leesburg Hyundai.

Steve spoke with “Ally,” whom I assume is Alicia Thomas. Thomas is the contact for Brown’s service department. Ally told him that my car was still at the body shop, having the creaking sunroof repaired. And therein lies some dishonesty. Either she lied to him, or the service advisor lied to me two weeks ago.

The service advisor had called me on October 9 to inform me that their technician had accidentally punched a hole in my leather seat, and that it would be replaced. I asked where the car was, and he said it would be back from the body shop “soon,” at which time the service manager (“Ally,” I guess) would drive it on her routine commute for a few days to try and replicate the cruise control problem.

And now, through Steve, I learn that no test driving has taken place at all, that the car is still at the body shop. Is the car really still at the body shop two weeks later, for a job that takes a day or two to complete? Or did the car return to the dealer from the body shop two weeks ago and sit on the dealer’s lot all along, forgotten?

Why hasn’t my car gotten the level of care I was promised when I purchased it? Or was that the first lie?

I can’t blame Hyundai USA for my service woes. I blame the dealer, Brown’s Leesburg Hyundai. I blame the service manager, Ally. It’s her shop, and they’re failing. This is the single worst experience I’ve had with a service department in twenty-eight years of driving.

At this point I don’t know whether I’ll ever purchase another Hyundai product. I know for certain that I’ll never again do business with Brown’s Leesburg Hyundai.