October 5, 2011

Mets, Yankees, and the Space Between

Michele Catalano, writing for American McCarver., after finding for sale a Yankees cap in Mets colors:

"Who would buy such a thing? Who would wear it? I am willing to bet my signed Dan Pasqua bat that there is not a person on this earth who declares an allegiance to both teams. And if there is, that person is a jerk"

I grew up on Long Island, where you were either a Mets fan (guilty) or a Yankees fan, if you cared about baseball at all. Sure, the sports freaks followed both, but I'm talking fans here.

I remember tuning into a TV broadcast to watch the Mets play the Astros in the 1986 NLCS in the midst of a house party, shortly before they went on to beat Bill Buchner in the World Series. Yet I can just as clearly recall that until I tuned into a playoff game decades later, I had never seen a Yankees game on TV or at the stadium. Why would I?

So to Michele's point, who on Earth would buy a Yankees cap in Mets colors?