October 26, 2011

∴ More @Hyundai Folks Chime In

I received a nice call from Ben, the southeast regional consumer affairs representative for Hyundai, today. He asked about the problems I've encountered with my Sonata, both the car issues as well as how I've been treated by the dealer.

I explained the problems I've had with the car, but he seemed more interested in how the dealer relationship was working. After telling him about the call I received from Chris, the general manager of Brown's Leesburg Hyundai, we agreed that things were moving along well for now.

I still have misgivings about "additional bracing" being applied to the roof of my car. It seems they're grasping at straws, re-engineering the roof in the field to solve what appears to be an endemic, structural problem. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt about that, as well as what they'll come up with for the cruise control. We're getting fairly close to a time limit, though.

More news when I get it.