October 23, 2011

∴ New Brew for You

Lost Rhino, the newest microbrewer in northern Virginia, has put a new beer on tap: Navigator Amber Lager. They're billing this 4.5 ABV brew as a "session" beer, meaning you could drink a few in a session of beer enjoyment.

Navigator is a lot like Rhino's recent RhinO'fest beer. It carries a solid malt base with just enough hops to produce an even balance. Where 'Fest was malt-heavy, this one is malt-neutral. It's what an American macro lager would taste like if the usual suspects tweaked their recipes for flavor, rather than profit.

Navigator goes down easy, and like most lagers, the colder the better. I'm enjoying a pint watching the Redskins get beaten again. If they bottled this one it could be a lager lover's go-to house beer.

Lost Rhino is located in an industrial park just north of Dulles airport, near the huge Verizon offices and AOL. They've got two more beers in their tanks, biding time for a November debut. One's a Belgian, and I don't recall the other. The great thing about a craft brewer like Rhino, which employs the talents of experienced brewmasters, is their willingness to experiment with a variety of styles. I'm loving the results.