November 2, 2011

Apple Misses iTunes Match Delivery Date, but Does It Matter?

Apple promised delivery of their iCloud-based iTunes Match service by the end of October. October 31 came and went without it. So, oops.

This gives us a chance to ask, before plonking down a $24.99 yearly service fee, whether iTunes Match is worth any price. What need is it serving?

iTunes customers are in the habit of buying their music through Apple's desktop iTunes application or the iOS Music app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Either way, the content is downloaded to the user for local storage.

The music is copied around to all of the customer's devices during the next sync, which, thanks to iOS 5's wireless sync capability, happens whenever a device is plugged in for a charge.

Alternatively it can be automatically directly downloaded to the other devices by iOS's auto-download feature. Content purchased on one device can automatically appear everywhere using the same iTunes account.

The music is thereafter carried everywhere without need of an Internet connection.

Tell me again why I would want to put all my music into the cloud with iTunes Match when I already have it on my laptop and all my iOS devices, because I'm not understanding it on my own.