November 1, 2011

∴ @Hyundai Sees the Light (Or the Problem, At Least)

An update from the Brown's Leesburg Hyundai service department this morning brought welcome news: after a day of road testing my 2012 Sonata yesterday, the service team was able to reproduce the cruise control problem that I've complained about for over a month.

A field engineer will appear at Brown's tomorrow. I've variously heard that his arrival was scheduled for last week, yesterday, and now tomorrow, so I'm not confident in any particular appointment date. When he arrives, though, he's going to look into not only the cruise problem, but the squeaking sunroof problem, as well.

According to Ken, the service advisor who called this morning, the body shop was not able to fully eliminate the loud squeak in my original complaint. This appears to be an engineering defect in Hyundai's new-for-2012 panoramic sunroof. As lovely as it is in practice, it hasn't been worth the frustration it has caused. At this point I'd be happy with the 2011 sunroof design, which incorporated a single piece of glass over the front seats.

So I'm still out of my car, driving the loaner, a Santa Fe SUV. Though it's not my cup of tea, the Santa Fe has performed flawlessly, if somewhat uncomfortably, since I started driving it. Its truck-like suspension makes for a rough ride over bumps.

The Sonata has been at the dealer thirty-three days now, almost half the time I've owned it. Being embroiled in the midst of this I don't know what to say about that except this isn't what I paid $26k for back in August.

Also worth noting, the US government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) web site contains at least a half-dozen complaints about my other problem with the car, that the steering pulls hard to the right.

It's evident that my 2012 Sonata has significant quality issues.