November 8, 2011

∴ @Hyundai: Startlingly Unimpressive

It's been forty days since I drove my 2012 Hyundai Sonata to Brown's Leesburg Hyundai, left them with the key and expected to have the car back by day's end. Forty days driving a loaner and making two payments on a car I have been unable to drive.

In that time the car has been damaged by a third-party body shop, the roof problem has been fixed but not fixed, the general manager has reproduced the cruise control problem but a field engineer has not, and the kicker: the misaligned front end suspension complaint that led the service advisor to question whether I had damaged the car myself has become subject to a voluntary recall by Hyundai.

It's been a solid week since I spoke with Steve Hickman, the regional zone manager for Hyundai Motor America, and came away impressed with the concern he showed about my then-one-month-long ordeal. I was supposed to hear from him again that day, by email, about extended warranties and firming up the repair or replacement of the car under Virginia's lemon law, and how I might contact him again. I've heard nothing since.

Steve mentioned, among other things, that the dealer had dropped the ball on my car. That's an understatement. Hyundai Motor has dropped the ball, producing what is now obviously a lemon automobile while simultaneously touting its popularity in their advertising. Seeing their assembly line workers talk up their product quality in Hyundai's TV advertising while I remain carless a full forty days is particularly galling.

Steve mentioned that my case had come to the attention of John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America. Hey John, I want my car replaced. Fix the one I bought on your own time.

Anyone listening anymore?