November 11, 2011

Onion Satire Puts Penn State Pedophile Charges in Perspective

Satire is a useful tool for stretching a point to make the point. The Onion gets it right: Penn State's problem is not about football. It's about letting an egregious violation of personal and professional responsibility go unchallenged for over a decade.

The Penn State students who rioted should give this piece a read, and then think long and hard about why they're more outraged over the demise of Joe Paterno's career and the current football season than the life-long trauma inflicted upon the victims of abuse.

If and when Jerry Sandusky is convicted, the NCAA should take one action immediately: suspend Penn State from competition for a decade. Yes, ten years, one for each year the alleged child rape was let to fester, unchallenged. The accused pedophile used that program and his authority within it to perpetrate his crimes. The program should sink with the criminal.