December 29, 2011


Shawn Blanc, writing for Tools and Toys:

“Agloves are building a reputation as being one of the best touchscreen gloves out there. They were sold out of the original for a while, but it is back in stock and also they have a new design of glove that is a bit more sporty and thicker.”

I've had a pair of Agloves for about a year, and they're terrific. They stand up to moderately cold and windy days for quick trips in and out of the car, though not so much if you're spending more than a few minutes outside. They're perfect for a cold morning commute.

The best part about them, of course, is that they let you use an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without taking off your gloves. I'm glad my wife bought me a pair every time my iPhone rings and I don't need to remove a glove to answer it.