December 7, 2011

Baggage Handler Fired For Helping Sick Dog Can Have Her Job Back

Chris Morran, writing for Consumerist:

“For those of you coming late to this story, the handler was loading a plane bound for Texas when she spotted the emaciated and bloody pointer waiting to be loaded. Against her supervisor’s orders, she refused to put the dog on the plane.”

Animal control authorities were called, the dog was taken to a vet for care and the bag handler, Lynn Jones, was fired. Her employer has reconsidered, no doubt because of the negative publicity telling the original story, and has offered to reinstate the bag handler.

Good for that bag handler for making a humane decision and sticking by it. Good, I guess, for the employer for reversing the decision to fire her. But what sort of horrible person is that supervisor, who insisted that Jones load a visibly sick animal into an aircraft, for a stressful trip that could have killed it?