December 6, 2011

DirecTV's TiVo Ready to Return

Richard Lawler, writing for Engadget:

“It’s been over three years since we first heard a new TiVo was coming to DirecTV, but the satellite broadcaster has finally revealed it will be available — in select markets — starting December 8th, the same day its own HR34 multiroom solution becomes available.”

We were big DirecTV-TiVo fans years ago, but with the advent of HDTV our old receivers fell behind DirecTV's own, branded DVRs. There weren't any TiVo branded options available for "DirecTiVo" users to get local HD channels via satellite. A planned HD version of the venerable DirecTiVo was delayed, then delayed again.

We finally gave up on TiVo and bought a pair of DirecTV's branded DVRs to go with our growing number of HDTV sets. We've never looked back.

The DirecTV boxes, while occasionally suffering from slow channel guide display, have performed well and offer all the options we want. The DVR software has steadily improved, offering more extra features along the way. Multi-room viewing has been available on these units for a couple of years. Remote record capability via iPhone app has been around for nearly that long.

Now, finally, DirecTV and TiVo are offering an HD TiVo unit to DirecTV subscribers. They're so late to the party, I wonder if anyone will care.