December 4, 2011

How to Sync Unread Tweets Between iPhone, iPad and OS X

Leanna Lofte, writing for TiPb:

“Tweet Marker is a web service that marks your last read tweet. As long as you have the service set up on at least two different Twitter clients, you can free jump between the two apps without losing place of which Tweet you read last. Just enable the feature in the apps settings, and you’re good to go!”

I’ve been using the official Twitter apps on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro for a while. After reading this post at The iPhone Blog, I purchased Twitterific in the Mac App Store and snagged their freebie app for iPhone and iPad.

Enabling Twitter Marker in all three apps took nothing more than selecting “scroll to marker” in settings. It all works great!

A small purple flag shows me the last tweet I’ve seen, and the topmost tweet in view when I switch away from an app is automatically synced out to Tweet Marker. I’m shown the last tweet viewed the next time I switch to Twitterific on any device.

Twitterific for iOS is free with ads from The Deck, or $4.99 ad-free. Twitterific for Mac is $9.95 from Icon Factory’s web site, but is on sale for $4.99 in the Mac App Store.