December 1, 2011

Microsoft’s New Resilient File System (ReFS) Will Be Server Only

Tom Warren, writing for WinRumors:

“The idea is that server variants of Windows 8 will be able to utilise the new technology to improve file system resilience to hardware and software errors. The technology will not be widely used and is designed for specific use by server administrators. As a result, client versions of Windows 8 will not be able to utilise the new file system according to our sources.”

(Via Techmeme.)

That's a shame. NTFS, the current Windows file system, is an order (or two) of magnitude better than the aging FAT32. A resilient file system, one that can handle software and hardware failures without losing or corrupting data, would be a great competitive advantage over Apple's yet older HFS+.

Maybe Windows 9 will bring a fault-tolerant file system to the masses.