December 20, 2011

NBC Will Stream Super Bowl Broadcast Live

Peter Kafka, writing for All Things Digital:

“A first for pro football: It will put its biggest game of the year on the Web, live, for free. The NFL says February’s NBC broadcast will also be available on Verizon phones; NBC already streams its Sunday night games on the Web. The move parallels other broadcasters’ moves to put some of their big games on the Web, most notably CBS’s broadcast of the March Madness tournament.”

Good test for NBC's streaming media partners. Sunday night games are popular, but there's nothing like the Super Bowl for drawing a massive audience. Well, maybe the Daytona 500.

I'm willing to wager that NBC's stream stays up for most if not all users throughout the game. They've gotten good practice at this throughout the season. I think they're going to scale their efforts well.