December 2, 2011

∴ Stout Made in Oak Barrels Returns to NoVA

Until a few years ago, Old Dominion Brewing made a fine beer they called Oak Barrel Stout, in two similar flavors. Always better on tap than in the bottle, thanks to the use of real oak barrels, Oak Barrel Stout as we knew it went away when Old Dominion was bought, then moved.

They still make a bottled beer by the same name, but the tap version no longer bears the same great flavor. Of all the changes since the sale of Old Dominion it was arguably the greatest loss to local beer fans. No more.

Lost Rhino Brewing, the startup craft brewer of Ashburn, Virginia, has just kegged their first Woody Stout brew. Its flavor is very familiar.

This mildly sweet, dark brew possesses vanilla and coffee flavors. The roasted malt aftertaste is near-identical to that of Oak Barrel Stout on tap, because the beer is once again rested in oak barrels.

What a welcome surprise it was to once again enjoy the flavor of my favorite stout on tap. Lost Rhino brews in small batches, and from what I saw when I filled my growlers yesterday, Woody Stout was going fast.

The brewmasters at Lost Rhino have produced nearly ten varieties of beer since brewing operations commenced last April. I think they have another winner on their hands with Woody Stout.