December 13, 2011

TextMate 2.0 Public Alpha


“Following a complete rewrite of the program, developer Allan Odgaard has finally released a “public alpha” of TextMate 2.0, available only to current TextMate license holders”

Alpha software should never wind up in customer’s hands.

Gruber, via Twitter, after installing the new alpha and attempting to load a file, only to see the application lock up twice:

“So I force quit, relaunched, and TextMate helpfully wedged itself in the same way again. Is this a prank?”

Macromates has come in for criticism of late for letting the well-regarded Textmate application lapse, while other text editors were incrementally improved. Releasing an alpha of the next version smacks of desperation to keep straying customers loyal.

Some say there’s no such thing as negative press. Think so?