December 8, 2011

Why the GOP Field Is So Weak

James Carville, writing for CNN Opinion:

“Perhaps the Republicans are getting exactly the kind of candidates that best match the intellectual composition of the majority of the people in their party”


"The majority of the people in the Republican Party who were going to pick their nominee had been so overwhelmed by misinformation, unworkable simplistic solutions -- e.g., electrifying border fences -- and anti-science, right-wing pandering"


"We have watched GOP debates where audience members booed gay soldiers and cheered the prospect of someone dying without health insurance."


"Maybe Bush, Daniels, Christie, Barbour and Thune figured out ahead of time what Fairleigh Dickinson University uncovered just recently: that people who watch Fox News are actually more ignorant than people who watch no news at all."

Here's the story on that Dickinson University study.