December 17, 2011

Why the iPad Is the Most Hated Gadget Ever

Mike Elgan, writing for Cult of Mac:

“As the Apple iPad succeeds beyond expectations, it leaves in its wake an enormous body count of dead and dying products. While consumers love it, several major industries have grown to hate it. And for very good reason.”

Mike’s detailed piece is perhaps overstated in the case of the Kindle Fire, but on the whole a succinct account of the disruption caused by the iPad and iPad 2, to date. I believe the Fire will improve over successive iterations to sell on its own merits, beyond price.

Devastated product lines (netbooks, other tablets), huge competitor losses (HP, RIM), cultural shift (kids’ number one Christmas list item? Not toys, but iPad 2), it’s all here.

Apple is, with its iPad line, literally crushing the competition.