December 6, 2011

Will Indy Die in 'Indiana Jones 5'?

We can only hope so.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, writing for MSNBC:

“Spielberg insisted he was “really proud” of “Crystal Skull,” despite having told a 30th-anniversary “Raiders of the Lost Ark” screening audience that he knew he burned bridges with that film.”

Spielberg goes on in the article to say that he continues directing 'Jones' movies penned by George Lucas, telling Lucas' stories "obediently," ostensibly because that's what Lucas wants. Given Lucas' reputation for the ongoing mangling of the Star Wars legacy, maybe we shouldn't have been surprised that the last Indiana Jones film took the franchise south.

And really, what purposes other than ego and enrichment does it serve to keep beating the same ground? How many satisfying, successful sequels past the second have there been over the past decades?