December 2, 2011

Zakaria: Why I now think Assad will fall

Fareed Zakaria, writing for CNN’s Global Public Square:

“In the face of all of this, the courage of the Syrian people is just stunning. They keep protesting. They keep organizing. And it appears that the Syrian security forces are actually suffering significant setbacks.
But a big reason I think the Assad regime will fall is simple: It’s running out of money.”

Zakaria’s changed his mind. He sees an end to the Assad regime, and that’s only a good thing for Israel, the US and the Middle East. Few states, if any, have been more enthusiastic supporters of terrorism and lawlessness than Syria.

The past ten years have seen the end of the Iraqi regime, the Libyan, the Egyptian and now, perhaps, the Syrian. How long until Iran’s regime topples and its young population begins the next chapter in their nation’s history?

And how much longer does the House of Saud have?