January 19, 2012

Airbus Finds More Cracks In Plane Wings But Assures Travelers Theyre Safe To Fly

Mary Beth Quirk, writing for Consumerist:

“”Airbus confirms that some additional cracks have been found on a limited number of non-critical brackets … inside the wings of some A380s,” the planemaker said in a statement to Reuters. “Airbus emphasizes that these cracks do not affect the safe operation of the aircraft.”“

It’s safe to assume that Airbus, before anyone else, would know what constitutes a “non-critical bracket.” They designed and built the aircraft, right?

Still, I get the feeling that this is only the opening round of concern and investigation. Metal fatigue is normal in high-use aircraft, and factors into the design lifespan of an airframe as set by the manufacturer. In that light, four years is a very short span in which to find fatigue on an aircraft.

Feel better now?