January 21, 2012

Maryland Senator Proposing Registry of Pet Abusers

WTOP Local Stories:

“The owner of a golden retriever puppy shot and killed this month in Middletown traveled to Annapolis on Thursday to support a bill that would require convicted animal abusers to enter their names in a publicly accessible registry.

State Sen. Ron Young, who represents Frederick County, is drafting the bill, which he hopes will help pets find loving homes and will identify troubling behavior before it escalates into violence against people.”

The registry is modeled along the lines of a sexual predator list, and those convicted would remain on the list for ten years provided they don't re-offend. They'd pay an annual fee for management of the registry, too.

It'd be doubly useful if pet breeders and sellers were required to consult such a registry before adopting out a pet. It might help reduce animal abuse.