February 2, 2012

∴ Great Listens

I've been spending my commute listening to a handful of podcasts these past couple of years. Some have come and gone from my sub list, but these six endure:

  • The Talk Show with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin. Gruber. The world around Apple.
  • Hypercritical with John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin. Thorough dissection of technology issues. And toaster ovens.
  • Build and Analyze with Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin. Software dev. Coffee. Chuckles. Don't email Marco.
  • Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. Merlin is a nut. Neurotic. Yet every podcast spirals into something profound.
  • The Ihnatko Almanac with Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin. Andy loves him some geekery, and wants you to hear all about it.
  • Bagel Tech Mac with Ewen Rankin and the crew. These mates are all up in it. This one's fun, start to finish.

Dan's network of podcasts has grown since I began listening. His latest, 5by5 At the Movies, has carried on in the tradition of the 5byBond series begun by Dan and Gruber last year with a three-hour-plus review of Goodfellas. It (the podcast) was great!

It's the golden age of geekdom, with new editions of these shows appearing weekly. You can even listen (or watch) live.

Dig in!