February 7, 2012

The Komen Foundation's Even Bigger PR Problem

Kevin Drum, writing for Mother Jones:

“for a lot of people it seems like it was just a long-awaited excuse to finally blow up over their long-simmering dislike of the Komen Foundation and its seemingly endless commercialization of all things breast cancer related. I don’t really have much to say about this since I’m pretty removed from the whole thing, but one PR lesson Komen should learn is that apparently there’s long been a helluva lot of unvoiced annoyance/discontent/exasperation/anger/etc. toward the Komen Foundation among a lot of women. And now that it’s finally out, it’s going to be hard to stuff it back into its bottle. I wonder if they had any idea before this that they were so heartily disliked by so many people who — until now — just didn’t feel like it was OK to say so out loud?”

I wasn't aware there was much discontent about Komen among women. I've not heard any from my wife or the women who work for or shop our small business, nor anything in the media.

I guess time will tell. Fundraising will be the measure of whether Komen repairs the damage done to their reputation and brand.