February 14, 2012

Ultrabooks? Customers Only Want The MacBook Air

John Brownlee, writing for Cult of Mac (referring to a JP Morgan analyst note as reported by Apple Insider):

“Unfortunately, now that PC makers are trying to emulate the Air, they are now competing with Apple on their home turf. An ultrabook is defined by solid-state drives, low-voltage but fast processors, and cases made of higher-quality materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass… and Apple’s got major deals in place to guarantee themselves the lowest prices on all of those materials.

What this means is that most PC makers can’t meaningfully undermine the MacBook Air’s price. And if ultrabook makers can’t beat the MacBook Air in price, what’s the bloody point in buying anything but an Air?”

When Apple’s iconic laptop commands not only consumers’ imagination, but the price point as well, the only buying advice is buy the Mac, and be happy.

Windows, if needed at all, can be run in a virtual machine such as the terrific Parallels 7. Users can even pay for, download and install Windows 7 from within the Parallels software.

Apple made its latest fortune and reputation by creating aesthetically pleasing hardware designs packaging mostly commodity parts, then layering on custom software to make their products work as well as they look.

Ultrabook makers are playing copycat with design specs from Intel’s playbook. Thing is, a copy is almost never as good as the original. Not even a freshly-produced copy.