March 5, 2012

Former Mets Star Lenny Dykstra Sentenced to 3 Years In Prison

Len Dykstra

“Former New York Mets great Lenny Dykstra was sentenced Monday to three years in prison after pleading no contest to grand theft auto.”

Dykstra was a local hero when he played for the 1986 Mets, the last Mets team to win the World Series. We called him "Nails."

That was the last full year I lived in my parent's house, leaving the following year to pursue my career. What great playoff and Series games they were, first against the Houston Astros and Mike Scott's near-unhittable split-finger fastball, then against the Boston Red Sox.

The following year I was living in New Hampshire among Sox fans, but I never let them forget that Bill Buckner's error against the Mets cost them the World Series. Again. This was long before the Sox' two World Series wins this century.

And now he's going to jail, not only a thief, but a financial scammer. Dumb.

They paid him for his baseball, not his brains.