March 30, 2012

Mother Jones: I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave

Mac McClelland, writing for Mother Jones:

“”We want you to go work for Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc.,” they said. I’d have to give my real name and job history when I applied, and I couldn’t lie if asked for any specifics. (I wasn’t.) But I’d smudge identifying details of people and the company itself. Anyway, to do otherwise might give people the impression that these conditions apply only to one warehouse or one company. Which they don’t.”

Fascinating long read about working conditions in a shipping warehouse, where workers pick and ship products in double-time for well-known online retailers.

These employees, thankful to have jobs, are unable to gain better employment for lack of training, education, or effort when it would have made a difference. Yet they’re unable to simply walk away for lack of income. They epitomize the phrase “wage slave.”

Employment like this is only going to increase given the expanding online share of worldwide retail sales.