March 9, 2012

Pinterest: We're Not Going To Be Sued Into Oblivion

Matt Lynley, writing for Silicon Alley Insider:

“Pinterest does not believe it infringes on copyright law and is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

We’ve reached out to Pinterest to find out what their official policy regarding images that potentially infringe on copyrights. Now we have our response from Pinterest:
Pinterest provides a service platform through which people share images, videos, commentary and links with friends or with others. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides safe harbors for exactly this type of platform. If a copyright holder objects to any of the postings – and so far very few have objected – Pinterest will follow the safe harbor procedures set forth in the DMCA.
So, as long as Pinterest removes content if it gets a legitimate copyright complaint, it is in the clear.”

Clearly the Pinterest founders have thought this through, and sought legal opinion on the matter before investing their time and money booting the company. The test will come when someone big, like a media company, files a tort claim rather than a DMCA takedown request.