April 6, 2012

100 Years Later, Titanic

The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture has a set of terrific images of RMS Titanic, both from 100 years ago and the recent past.

This stuff is amazing. I had the good fortune to see a display of Titanic artifacts during a business trip to Memphis several years ago. Seeing bits and pieces of the huge vessel against a context-correct background image brought home the immensity of the ship and the loss.

If you ever have an opportunity to visit an exhibition of recovered Titanic artifacts, go see it.

(The April, 2012 issue of National Geographic has a plethora of recent images, both individual and composite, from the wreck. Worth a purchase in the paper edition.)

(via The Loop. That’s Jim Dalrymple’s weblog, a low-volume, high-quality source of interesting stuff. He began a podcast today with Dan Benjamin at 5by5.tv. I haven’t listened to the new podcast yet, but if it measures up to the rest of Dan’s network, it’s worth a listen.)