April 17, 2012

A Brief Pause

Heather Armstrong:

“I need to take a break before I surrender to the exhaustion. I need to fill up my tank so that I can give more to my family and find more moments of peace.”

Heather has lived much of her personal life on the pages of her weblog for over ten years. It’s a bicycle she’s ridden to great acclaim and success. That’s how the world knows that her life has taken an unpleasant turn recently.

She gave a brief interview on the Today Show yesterday morning to promote her new book, and although she was composed, she was wound fairly tight. I can’t imagine going through what she’s in the midst of, let alone in such a public way.

It seems she’s reached a point where she needs to get off her bike for a while. I don’t know what surrendering to exhaustion entails, but that she’s taking a break from her only bread and butter to avoid it implies nothing good.

I’m curious to read her when she returns. Maybe she’ll be refreshed. It sounds, though, like she needs more than a week’s refreshing.