April 12, 2012

∴ My New Design

I’ve instituted a new design for Bazinga Journal, featuring a pair of new typefaces from the terrific Typekit.

My goal has always been to keep my weblog’s look clean and simple. With this redesign I get a little closer to achieving that.

The colors are muted, both in background and typeface. Links are in green and red, yet not boldly so. There’s enough contrast to ease readability, yet not enough to sear anyone’s retinas.

The new fonts are Acta Display for the main title and headlines, and Museo Sans for article and block text. Both are available in the free tier offered by Typekit. I’ve wanted to dig into their service for a while and I finally took the plunge.

I really like the way the redesign turned out. I expect I’ll tweak this and that over the next week or so but, for the most part, it’s done. Hope you like it.