April 20, 2012

NFL Schedule Makers Try Their Best to Please Everybody

Judy Battista, writing for The New York Times:

“The e-mail was finally sent to Roger Goodell at 12:33 a.m. Monday — “White smoke from the scheduling room.” That one line put an end to the N.F.L.’s yearly eye-blurring, mind-bending exercise in juggling the absurd and the inconvenient, in balancing prime-time television and 10 a.m. body clocks for West Coast teams, in sifting through 14,000 potential schedules to find the one that pleases the most and infuriates the least.”

A great read on the NFL's annual scheduling process.

Sounds like the scheduling office needs a re-write of their scheduling software. Winnowing down from 14,000 computer-generated possibilities by hand means their algorithm, as complex as it undoubtedly is, isn't doing enough.