April 12, 2012

Rumor: Larry Page Just Dropped A Huge Hint That A Google Tablet Is Coming Soon

Steve Kovach, writing for Silicon Alley Insider:

“There have been a lot of rumors lately that Google plans to release it’s own tablet running a clean version of Android. The tablet will likely be sold by Google via a special online store.

The rumors also say the tablet will be a 7-inch device made by Asus and cost about $200, the same price as the Kindle Fire.”

If you’re envying the masses who have bought and loved Apple’s iPad, but have an inbred hatred of all things emerging from Cupertino, this is your chance to buy a tablet machine that’s 1. not Apple’s, and 2. not Amazon’s. Not that there’s much wrong with either.

In fact, this would be the definitive Android tablet from Android’s creator. Like the Nexus smartphones, you can’t get a more pure rendering of Google’s intent with their open-source OS.

If you’re hell-bent to avoid the Walled Garden of Jobs, or Amazon’s effort to make it easier to give them your money, this is your ticket to ride.

Or, buy an iPad, and be happy.