May 21, 2012

Dan Benjamin: Regarding The Talk Show

Normal people won't understand the fuss, but the unceremonious end of 5by5's "The Talk Show" last week created a minor disturbance in the Force. And then came silence. And a few posts, speculating on what had happened.

John Gruber made a few sideways posts, obliquely addressing his move to Mule Radio Syndicate by essentially telling his audience that it's his podcast, he need not consult anyone on changing things up, and will offer no words of explanation.

Dan Benjamin, after a weekend of silence, posted a four-minute talk about it.

In it, his healthy respect for the audience comes through. He addresses the fact that cultivating a community of familiar voices brings with it the need to address changes with the audience "friends" he'll never meet. His Right Speech was the right thing to do.

Every now and then I come across a company that gives me above-and-beyond service.,, have each given me reason to become a "customer for life." Dan Benjamin's 5by5 podcast network is right there, too.