May 23, 2012

Gruber's New Talk Show

John Gruber, via Twitter:

"This week’s special guest: Adam @lonelysandwich Lisagor. He will be performing card tricks and other slight of hand feats."

Great guest. I'll listen in.

I wonder how long version 3 of "The Talk Show" will last.

Adam Lisagor is a friend of John's. John will run out of buddy-guests at some point.

He could go on simply talking to listeners. Or he'll have to add the task of finding new guests to the list of things he has to do in order to produce his podcast, and realize that 1. producing a show is work, and 2. he's not in the business of producing shows, so why the hell is he doing this increasingly annoying work?

There-in lies the value of being a co-host on someone else's network, rather than a host with guests. John used to be able to just show up, even phone it in from the bathtub, and have a successful result.