May 18, 2012

John Gruber Takes Ball, Goes To Mule Radio

[updated here.]

This week’s “The Talk Show” appears as a first episode on Mike Monteiro’s Mule Radio Syndicate, after skipping last week’s episode on its then-home network, 5by5. Neither the show’s host, John Gruber, nor his ex-co-host, Dan Benjamin, who owns and operates 5by5, had any comment immediately after Gruber announced the new show on his web site.

This is a shame. I first found out about 5by5 on John’s weblog, Daring Fireball, when he and Dan re-started “The Talk Show” 90 episodes ago. The show has been fun, engaging and thought-provoking, and I’ve become a fan of Dan’s other shows, including Hypercritical with John Siracusa, and Build And Analyze with Marco Arment.

I don’t know that moving the show name to Mule Radio was the right thing to do. Sure, it’s John’s show (as Dan always managed to slip into the talk), and taking along the show name will bring listeners with it, but “The Talk Show” without Dan Benjamin isn’t “The Talk Show.”

I wonder if we’ll hear any of the reasons behind the move.