May 23, 2012

Microsoft Set To Release Office for iOS and Android Tablets In November

Jonathan S. Geller , writing for Boy Genius Report:

"Microsoft is currently planning to release the company’s full Office suite for not only Apple’s iPad, but for Android tablets as well. The company is targeting November of this year for both launches."

Microsoft is the gorilla in productivity suite software, so it's just a matter of time until they debut a version of Office for the iPad.

The timing, though, is puzzling. A November release coincides with nothing.

Apple's iOS will likely be unveiled at WWDC in June and delivered in the following month. Their next-generation iPhone will certainly hit the shelves by October, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Android releases occur on random Tuesdays when the moon is full. Since Android tablets make up a minuscule portion of the tablet market, and Android users are notoriously averse to paying for software, there's no point in linking a mobile Office suite to that OS.

So why November? Perhaps it will coincide with a rumored 7-inch iPad, also to be released this fall. Kinda late in the shopping season for a new tablet, though. I expect it sooner, perhaps alongside the next iPhone.