May 29, 2012

My Next iPhone

Mark Gurman, writing for 9 to 5 Mac, outs a few of the next iPhone's parts:

"These photos also clearly show some of the features of the next-generation iPhone. The long rumored smaller dock connector is present, the earphone jack has been moved to the bottom corner of the device (the first time Apple has done this on one of their smartphones), the speaker grills have been redesigned, and there is a new opening between the camera lens and the LED flash."

The standard disclaimer applies to these photos. These parts may belong to a prototype device, not the next shipping version. That begs the question, though: Why would a parts supplier begin stocking and selling parts that no-one will ever use?

Parts begin to pop up before each and every iPhone release. These photos are a clue that the new phone will be released soon. Perhaps we'll hear and see something about it from the upcoming WWDC in a couple of weeks, when we're also expecting release information on iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.

The highlight of these photos is the elongated case. Looks like the rumored widescreen display will be fact, giving us more screen real estate for apps as well as video. A longer case means a bigger battery, too.

I hope the phone ships sooner, rather than later this year. My iPhone 3Gs's battery, now just short of three years old, is failing. Anything less that about 40% on the battery meter means a shutdown is right around the corner.

Depletion from 100% is swift. The phone spends my commute, and part of the work day plugged into a charger in order to remain useable until bedtime. A new model can't arrive soon enough for me.