May 1, 2012

Rumor: How Apple Will Become a Mobile Carrier

Whitey Bluestein, writing for GigaOM:

“What’s next for Apple? Apple will provide wireless service directly to its iPad and iPhone customers. First, Apple will sell data packages bundled with iPads. Then it will sell data and international roaming plans to iPhone customers through the iTunes Store. And in time — sooner than many think — Apple will strike wholesale deals with several mobile operators so that Apple can provide wireless service directly to its customers, as Apple Mobile.”

Not many years ago, some people thought this was the way Google would handle the sale and use of their forthcoming "Google Phone." By controlling the hardware, software and wireless service delivery, Google would become a welcome alternative to the widely despised US telecom carriers. That never happened.

Maybe this rumor won't come to pass. Who could doubt the eagerness of Apple customers to bundle their wireless service payments with the rest of their Apple ID-based purchases, though? What a great selling feature for existing and new customers.