May 5, 2012

Woman Trashes Ex-boyfriend's House, Brags About It On Facebook

Helen A.S. Popkin, writing for

“the accused entered the 30-year-old victim’s home under the pretense of retrieving her belongings — an important part of any breakup — and proceeded to leave her mark. It seems the ex-boyfriend’s pool table was the focal point of her destruction, as she reportedly doused it in vegetable oil, snapped the pool cues and threw the billiard balls. Several doors were also broken. This she boasted about in Facebook posts the victim showed the deputies who responded to the man’s civil disturbance call.”

As a cop once said to me, “it’s a good thing criminals are dumb. It makes them easier to catch.”

The article goes on to describe other really dumb people documenting their law-breaking efforts. Somewhere, a prosecutor smiles.