June 20, 2012

Apple and Liquidmetal Extend Agreement to 2014


"Aooke and Liquidmetal, a company that builds a particularly flexible alloy (as one may guess from the name), have extended their agreement to provide Apple access to Liquidmetal’s intellectual property until 2014."

I sure would like to know what Apple intends to build with Liquidmetal technology. As usual, there's been no word from the company.

If you have an iPhone 3Gs or later, you already have a Liquidmetal component in the form of the SIM card "ejector." It looks a little like a paper clip, and is used to fish the SIM card holder/cover out of the phone.

Speculation holds that Apple will build the metal parts of their next iPhone model from Liquidmetal. If so, there's got to be a clear benefit in it over aluminum, the material in current use, because licensing the Liquidmetal intellectual property isn't free.

Perhaps we're not thinking big enough. What's stopping Apple from switching their unibody laptop chassis to LiquidMetal? Or the iMac chassis? Or even the forthcoming Mac Pro update?