June 1, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Film Trailer Appears

MG Siegler, writing for parislemon.:

"They’re trying to transition the Bourne franchise beyond Matt Damon, and it looks like they might pull it off (by moving on from Jason Bourne). If they can, the Bourne films could become the American equivalent of the James Bond franchise."

The trailer is here, along with February's teaser.

The Bond franchise makes for a very high bar, even if roughly half of those films were sub-par. What other film series has stretched over fifty(!) years and 23 outings? Bond is a cultural icon.

I don't believe the Bourne series will have a lasting legacy like the Bond films. Bond revolved around one character, played by a number of men but always possessing the same, essential persona. What do the Bourne films center upon, now that Bourne is no longer the central character? And whatever provides that central gravity, is it as compelling as the quintessential film spy, James Bond?

Still, the first three Bourne films were great adventures for several reasons, all of which re-appear in the new movie. The ensemble of supporting characters were well developed, the directed action was swift and crisp, the interesting plot moved along without pause and the locations were rich, varied and beautiful.

Just about the only thing missing from the new film is Matt Damon's wonderfully subdued Jason Bourne, superseded here by Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross. Renner turned in a solid co-starring role in the recent "Mission: Impossible" film, so my hopes are high for him here.

The past three Bourne films have all been enjoyable re-watches every time they've appeared on TV. That's a good test of a movie's legacy: does it hold up through repeated watching?

The "Bourne Legacy" gives every hint at continuing the trend.