June 14, 2012

Encryption iPhone App Slated For Release – PGP Rides Again

Rob LeFebvre, writing for Cult of Mac:

"Phil Zimmerman, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption for email in the 1990s, has come to the forefront yet again as the spokesman for Silent Circle, a company planning to beta test an encrypted phone call and text message app for the iPhone and other smartphones. The app will be free when it’s released in July of this year, but the service itself will cost somewhere in the $20 per month range."

Worth keeping an eye on. Zimmerman famously came under US government scrutiny after releasing PGP for email. He was stopped and detained several times as he arrived or departed the country by air.

PGP was, for a time, considered a "munition" by the Customs Service and forbidden for export, as if other countries didn't possess software engineers capable of writing their own encryption software.

$20 per month is a bit high a price, but if you're in need of guaranteed private communication that price likely won't be an obstacle.