June 1, 2012

Windows Laptop: Buy This One

Nate Ralph has a succinct write-up, with photos, of the new Lenovo ThinkPad X230 laptop over at The Verge.

In a couple of words, my answer to the question "which Windows laptop should I buy" is, this one.

ThinkPads have long been a mainstay of road warriors and desktop jockeys who need well-designed, reliable Windows laptops. This latest example ups the ante just a bit with a nifty new keyboard and the usual spec bumps.

I happily used a ThinkPad for three years. It was the machine I'd always wanted, but my employer had a Dell habit. When I finally spent my own money I bought a ThinkPad.

If you're looking for a machine whose hinges won't loosen up, making your display wobble when you move it, a machine that will remain in reliable shape throughout your use, ThinkPads are the way to go.

ThinkPads cost more than comparable Dells and Toshibas, but you always get what you pay for. The unit reviewed here runs about as much as a MacBook Pro, for comparison.

Highly recommended.