June 20, 2012

Windows NT Coming To Phones With Windows Phone 8

Peter Bright, writing for Ars Technica:

"Windows Phone 8 will instead be built on the Windows NT platform, and in so doing will inherit its much richer feature set: support for multicore processors, robust file systems, extensive device driver support, a capable multimedia framework, and more."

Remarkable.  Who would have thought that Windows NT would run on a wireless phone back in 1993?

I think I had just bought my first (analog) cell phone around that time, a Motorola MicroTac. It was compact for its time, but a bulky bit of Soviet design by today's standards.

NT was just in its alpha stage and routinely crashed my 486 desktop machine, partly because of buggy code and partly due to the anemic 4 MB of RAM I made it run in.

The Windows NT kernel will be running on a multi-core Windows 8 phone this fall, sporting a refined UI called Metro. Amazing.

I love my iPhone, but if I were just coming into the smartphone market and didn't want to buy into Apple's domain I'd skip the erector set that is the Android clone market, and wait for Microsoft's new product. It looks that good.