August 22, 2012

Apple TV Success Will Depend on Software and iOS

Rob LeFebvre, writing for Cult of Mac:

“Set top box with software, integrated HDTV, or both? One analyst thinks the former.

In an investor note today, Barclays investment analyst Ben Reitzes comes down squarely on the side of many others who believe a set top box is the way Apple has ‘cracked’ the TV scene“

I believe it'll be a "set-top box," too, but not in the manner to which we're accustomed.

Set -top boxes tend to be bulky, ugly affairs best kept in a cabinet, out of sight. Apple's set-top box, though, is small, tightly integrated and already with us: the Apple TV 3. Yet analysts and pundits seem to believe Apple will produce something new, and different, to handle live cable input.

Why does a set-top box require a cable connector at all, though? Cable companies universally provide Internet service, at ever-increasing speed. The Apple TV 3 is already capable of receiving and displaying a streamed a/v signal in 1080i format from iTunes, iCloud, Hulu, Netflix and more. A Comcast/Uverse/Cox/your-cable-company-here app and IP multicast is all that's needed to bring live cable content to our homes.

That, and a carriage deal with your cable company.